Unicorn Bags


What The Fungus has been the Canadian Distributer of Unicorn Bags since 2014. We proudly support and rely on Unicorn Bags for our mushroom business.

Please refer to the Unicorn Bag’s website for a complete list of bags that they manufacture. Be sure to order the proper bags: Polypropylene (PP) for high temperature autoclave or polyethylene (PE) for low temperature irradiation.

We generally keep in stock 14A, 3T, and 3B bags; however, we are happy to custom order anything that Unicorn Bags Manufactures.

14A is the standard bag used throughout the mushroom industry for wood-based substrates.

3T has a finer filter and is recommended for grain spawn use.

3B allows more air exchange for mushroom species that require more oxygen during the spawn run, and in some cases, to initiate pinning.

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