The Mentorship


What to Expect

Upon attending this course you will gain hands-on experience and a wide variety of expert knowledge on seasonal mushroom cultivation.

The main instructor for the mentorship is Brian Callow, the president and founder of What The Fungus. Over the past 6 years, Brian has focused most of his research on seasonal mushroom cultivation. WTF's approach was initially discovered through a collaboration of mushroom experts on sustainable low cost and innovative farming practices. In 2014, a partnership was made with Thor Clausen from Bartlett Tree Experts, which led to the expansion of What The Fungus, where Brian has developed a successful, thriving, and innovative mushroom start-up company that now resides in Summerland, BC, Canada. Here are a few of the things you can look forward to learning during the mentorship:

Laboratory Design

How to setup a basic commercial scale laboratory for mushroom growing. Each student will be taught proper sterile techniques when working with agar, cultures, spawn and wood-based substrates.

Greenhouse Growing and Strain Selection

Outdoor Seasonal Mushroom Growing is an art and a science. You will become competent in proper strain selection based on temperature thresholds for a variety of mushroom species. We will show you how to plan a typical year in your area and grow better than the competition. 

Cultures, Grain Spawn, Wood Substrates

Master planning and implementing a production schedule with the appropriate mushroom strains from petri dish to harvest. You will also work with a variety of hardwood substrates and see the importance of nutritional supplementation within the substrate.

Sales and Marketing

Acquire a knowledge of how to understand your market and develop strategies for success. Learn how to approach and sell to chefs as well as the public.

Workflow and Efficiency

Discover the importance of properly setup systems and workflow throughout your farm.

Course Options

This week-long mentoring workshop is run from March to mid-October but space is limited. (full list of available dates below)

We offer two options for those attending the course. Both include:

  • 4 cultures of commercial, edible mushroom strains that we use on the farm.

  • "How to Start and Succeed Growing Mushrooms", written by Brian Callow - Founder / Co-Owner of What The Fungus. (2nd revision is scheduled to be completed by March 2020) Buy my Book Here

  • Our farm is a 30min walk into downtown Summerland.

The two options are:

Travel Trailer - $2,500.00 (Course Fee) - Farm accommodation includes a full kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, air conditioning and heating plus WIFI. Couples (Save $1000) on tuition when booking this option.


Camping - $2,000.00 (Course Fee) - Please bring your own gear. We have an outdoor kitchen, bbq and fridge on the farm. Only 1 person per week may book this option.


We are so excited and thrilled to continue offering The Mentorship next year. Currently our farm is accepting students for the 2020 season. Early Bird registration now open - (Save $400) until Dec 31st, 2019 when booking for the 2020 Mentorship.

We only have a few openings remaining for the 2019 season. Pricing and availability is posted on the following link below.


What The Fungus Mentorship Success Stories


Jerome Boucher, Champignons La Pinede


Paul Roberts, Fundus Fungus


Cancellation Policy: We do not refund tuition. In the event you need to cancel, within 30 days of arrival, you will be credited and allowed to re-book another week.