Tony and Tegan from FreshCap Mushrooms recently visited our farm and wrote a great article about what we do here at WTF.


Our Story


Innovation/Green Business Strategy

Our in-house expertise consists of mycology, arboriculture, marketing strategy, sales, and hospitality. We have collaborated with a team of mushroom experts on sustainable low cost and innovative farming practices, and have initiated a mushroom culture-trading program for unique species. 

We have developed a laboratory facility to undertake research and development activities related to the growth and propagation of both local and exotic species. We are also investigating the use of wood substrates from invasive tree species for mushroom production of which we have proven success with Siberian Elm and will be focusing our research this year on ‘Tree of Heaven’.


Mission Statement

To produce fresh, seasonal indigenous and exotic mushrooms that are locally and economically grown using environmentally sound growing practices so that we can offer exceptional value to our customers and end users.  We strive to make a difference in the community through job creation, education programs, reusing urban by-products, and sponsorship at community events.



Be local. We grow mushroom mycelium on a variety of urban wood-based substrates locally sourced in the Okanagan. We continue to explore and research other urban and agricultural organic by-products for our mushroom production such as coffee grounds, yard waste, etc.

Be passionate. We are here because we want to be. We are driven to over-deliver on our commitments and expectations. Otherwise, we would just be another mushroom company.

Be a friend to our environment. Our farm minimizes its energy consumption and use of chemicals through unique greenhouse construction design concepts and seasonal growing techniques, which provides for a clean, disease free environment and eliminates the need for costly air-conditioning and heating. Further, we create our own mushroom spawn and cultures, which allows us to diversify and control what we grow and sell to our clients. Even our spent mushroom substrates are recycled and reused to produce secondary mushroom strains.

Be innovative. We are driven by innovation and continuous improvement. We engage with leading scientists and experts in the mushroom industry to adopt best practices. We have harvested local mushrooms from naturally occurring species right from our backdoor in the Okanagan. Our philosophy is to continue innovating and testing strains that can grow seasonally in our greenhouses.

Be performance-driven. We strive to consistently deliver long-term value to our investors through profitable growth and partnerships with our stakeholders without compromising our community, environment or principles. 

Be a valuable member to our community. We participate in local events and provide opportunities for job creation and knowledge sharing.


To learn how What The Fungus was started as well as useful mycology and business knowledge you can purchase Brian Callow's book "How To Start And Succeed Growing Mushrooms", the video below explains how you can get your copy!